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I'm in ur New Jerzeys, chilling with ur cozplayerz

So remember how I was all. I'm going to head up to NJ to see peoples and have a photoshoot? Well. Here I am. Fun fact: I forgot my wig. So I need to have it shipped overnight on monday to get here tuesday. Whatever. It ain't Tonks without pink spiky hair.

My friends are currently in a meeting since one of them is staff for the upcoming Anime Convention, Animeneext. This entire situation has shown me that, indeed, I have officially lost any and all interest in anime. It was a long, long time coming, I think. Since I'd been out of anime before for about a year before watching Bleach before it went up Oh Come On lane, around For Christ's Sake avenue, down You Have Got To Be Kidding Me drive before finally pulling into What The Flaming Fuckery Is This? Last time I saw anime was maybe August? Last time I LIKED a new anime? 2005.

But it was great that last time these people saw me I swore vehement loathe for Harry Potter, its author and so much more its fans. Then I get here and I'm like. "OMGYOUBELLACUTEYES?" and am met with blank stares and "I'm.. Not blonde..?' "Wait. What." "Isn't she the one married to Draco's dad?" "Dude. Narcissa." "Whatever, they're all related." "THAT THEY ARE, MY FRIEND. THAT THEY ARE >;D" "..What is with that face." "...Nothing. I'm not reading Blackcest when all this is over. AT ALL" "...." "..I have to RP now." "....." I have freaked them out more than once with all this. But at least I'm not alone. I outed another Harry Potter fan in here out of the closet. So since we're having like a sewing party downstairs, I'm working on extra hufflepuff robes for no good reason and he's working on Ravenclaw robes now that he's decided to be Luna. And he helps me in trying to get everyone else to dress up for what we have dubbed Pottercon.

Actually, I outed TWO Harry Potter fans out of the closet. The other one was nearer and Dearer to my heart since he said Sirius was his favourite character and also said to have a vehement loathing of Gary Oldman!Sirius.

The words needed to transcribe what happened after he said that simply do not exist.

I will have to make due by saying I launched myself at him and proceeded to my first out loud rant on my loathe of Gary Oldman!Sirius and his Yosemite Sam moustache.

But that guy left yesterday and I no longer have someone to seriously nerd out with.

Everything else aside, It's odd. You see folks, I haven't seen these guys in months. And I spent most of last year in Manic Depressive rage, which meant I took out most of it on these people. So in the back of my head I'm still kinda awkward. Like I don't know. Like I keep thinking they're just waiting for me to flip my shit again or something. And I keep worrying I'm too quiet. Like, they're random and funny and I'm just the sort to laugh at everything but not really the type to say anything funny. So it's weird that way. I mean. The amount of drama I caused is insane, and they'd warned me beforehand, but I then caused drama about _that_. So I just feel like this huge burden.

...Holy shit did I just get specifically invited to play Ginny in Diss?


Like. Someone had me 'in mind' for a specific character. That is like. Unbelievable? Like. With my Tonks I can kinda see it, especially with Ginny's verbal pwneage of Slughorn and all. But. Wow. I mean, I don't think I'll go for it? I know some people are DESPERATE to play Ginny and i wouldn't like to keep someone like that from it to feed my own ego. Seriously, just the fact that someone actually had me in mind for a specific part makes me so obnoxiously happy? I have already been hanging around the friend peoples enough because now I must make everything into a question? Maybe it's annoying? I don't know?

Yes. Obnoxiously flattered.

And the temptation to play someone who ACTUALLY has people in their general age bracket is tempting as all hell. I have no idea why, but it seems like no one wants to app for adults aside from the Black Sisters (Which, I must admit, I find AWESOME. Getting an Andromeda can be quite rare, and ours is made of awesome 1950's win.) so it's kinda meh. I'd love a Kingsley or a Bill. But alas. Recently we had someone hold Remus but for reasons I'd better not specify I was making Deals with God for that girl to drop it. When she did I actually burst out "OH THANK YOU DEAR GOD" out loud thinking my friend next door was awake. She wasn't. The looks I got this morning were amazing, however. Same girl just.. Agh. She made a post about freaking Diana's death anniversary today (And if it's relevant, no, she isn't English. Like that wasn't enough of a clue.) Call me paranoid but why do I feel that this does not bode well?

...Those two TOTALLY connect. Yeah. I was checking my mail when I wrote this.
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I think I'm dying.

Dear Uterus,

Did I do something in the recent past to personally offend you or those you care about that you feel revenge is not only necessary, but must be unleashed at this magnitude?

No love,

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Alright. I just got home yesterday, now it's a matter of pretty much chillaxing until the Photoshoot on Saturday. Here are two of the.. Incidences that I can recall off the top of my head, I've got a couple more but they're all in my laptop. Which is.. All the way downstairs.

Thing I currently miss most about Amsterdam: Room Service.

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Next up THE TOURIST FROM THE LAYERS OF GODDAMN HELL and whatever the hell else is inside my far, far away laptop.
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I have no idea why but I feel as though I have just leveled up in life.

Story to come later.
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No wonder I'm an insomniac..

I remember when I was a kid back in London, riding my bicycle around the neighborhood when this old lady looks at me wide eyed and asks what I was doing out so late at night. I just look at her and tell her well, of course I'm going to be out riding my bike, it's still sunny out. She points out to me that it's 11 at night.

I used to think it was ridiculous that my friend's mother would make them go to sleep at 7:00pm, when it was still bright and sunny outside. It seemed downright inhuman. It just seemed so bizarre that she would pick a schedule like that.

I remember when that was the most normal thing on earth. But here it is, Amsterdam, 10:24 and a bright as hell sunset.

10 O'clock. At night.

Man I miss Europe sometimes.
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The Adventures and Misadventures of..

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So I started off my grand adventure over at the Cheese and Windmill tour.

No. I am not trying to be witty. I really did just spend the past 6 hours in a cheese and windmill tour.

The long story is the tour I wanted, the one of the Ducth Countryside, was full. The only one left was, indeed, the exciting world of cheese and windmills.

But, before the cheese but not after the windmills, we went to a village that was having a cheese festival (DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I AM GROWING A HATRED OF THE WORD CHEESE) But heres the thing: This village is tinytinytiny, and myabe 400 or so years old.

Guys, it is like something right out of a fairytale. I swear, this is the village they use to tape every fantasy movie ever. But.. It's not even so much fantasy as fairytale. It's all small and joined together with wooden details and those signs in German with those curling letters.. Really reminded me of that Snow Queen movie.

Took some neat pics. Again, camera is busted, so I have to wait to get home, get the memmory card, go to Eckerd, make a CD, get the CD to not work, go back to Eckerd and get a new CD if my trip from Italy is anything to go by.

Oh yes.

And leave it to me to wander into a DUTCH RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL. During this whole cheese festival thing, they were having what looked to be a dutch renaissance festival. COMPLETE WITH COSTUMES CAN I GET A HELLS YEAH? They really went all out with them. I was asking what was the dutch for "WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT FABRIC?"

I'm a little pathetic.

Things only got more fun, however, when the tour ended and I realized the ending spot? Not the same as the starting spot.

And I didn't have enough money with me for a cab. Actually, I didn't have any money. At all. No dollars, no Euro, nothing.

That was pretty much my last three hours. Wandering around Amsterdam, without a cent on me, looking for my hotel. At one point the possibility that I would never find the hotel and miss my plane and have to take up a job as a lolita prostitute to pay my own way to the American Embassy to plead my heart wrenching case in front of an skeevy embassador who would only help me if I agreed to life as his lover hiding as the nurse of his ill wife was really quite vivid.


And what I learnt during that experience. Well. Aside from realizing I read way too much De Sade.

Coffee shops? Not really coffee shops.

But, on a related note, There are few things funnier than a drugged up Dutchman.

(Okay, basically, Coffee shops are what they call drug shops pretty much from what I can gather.)

Since I am now completely money less, I am going to sit on my ass and stay online. Well. Even if I did have money I'd at least stay put for a couple more hours till I get FEELING BACK IN MY FEET. If I manage to get to my account later, however, I'm thinking of taking a night tour or just a walking tour. Actually, it's great.

So I'm looking through the brochure for night tours or whatever, right? This is what I see.

Evening Cruise.
Children: 10.00

Every Evening At 8:00pm, 9:00pm, 10:00pm
A guided tour through the beautifully illuminated canals and "Red Light District" of Amsterdam.

Can you see this?

Kid: Mommy, Can I get a souvenier?
Mother: Not until you turn 15, dear.

Oh, those crazy Dutch. Actually, I am curious. They say that prostitution is a legal career, which makes sense, if you ask me. That way it's easier to control. They even have a worker's union. But I wonder if they get healthcare? I know they get health checks, but I wonder if they get like health care and benefits. It'd be pretty neat if they did. I dunno, I really think this is the best way of going about this.

Hm. I was going to ask the tour guide but I was a bit worried of offending her. Like I'd be implying that she "would know".

...God I've been in America for way too long if I'm worried about things like this.
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So I leave at 2:00pm for Amsterdam.

I'm not necessarily not looking forward to it and I'm not necessarily looking forward to it. I was there when I was younger, about 8 or so, and remember not liking it. But, then again, you could see how Amsterdam would be a boring place for an 8 year old. Now, not so much.

It'll be good to get out of the house, finally. I just don't know what exactly there is to do. I know the architecture is meant to be gorgeous, so I'm thinking of stealing the maternal unit's camera and going to town. But other than that? Hm. Well, Guess we'll see.

UUhg. 8 hour fliiight on United.. I hate united.. So much.. I miss British Airways..