The Kiwi Who Flew (thekiwiwhoflew) wrote,
The Kiwi Who Flew

(ISA! Do you still want me to make the Ravenclaw Robes for you?)

RPGstuffs: OHSHISON, from _every angle_. Oh yesplz. I'm down to the one RPG at this point, but it makes me happy. Joining one more in September. Musyc, we need to figure out what we're doing for the Draco-MLE fiasco before Tonks gets fired and goes hobo. I haven't been able to catch Claire online and ask about how much time Tonks has left in MLE.

Non RPG stuffs: I'm kinda bored for costumes now. I'm remaking the lavender nightgown to be more fabric accurate. God I'm going to need something to doooo.

Julia is out of town so I'm all girlfriend-withdrawl. Which makes me sad. And utterly, inhumanly bored. Even here at work things are just DULL.

I feel like trying to re-watch House. Maybe this time I'll do so without psycho ex girlfriend flashbacks. (TRUFAX: Every girlfriend save for one I've had up to this point have been yaoi fangirls. Not slash fans, yaoi fangirls. These odds baffle me. I adore Julia, but I refuse to come within three feet of Kingdom Hearts at this point.)
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