The Kiwi Who Flew (thekiwiwhoflew) wrote,
The Kiwi Who Flew

Paire AWOMGSOCUTE? Don't think so.

My thoughts on Peter/Claire:

"You're freaking out the Blackcest fan, cut it out."

So we've been marathoning Heroes. Which, considering Candice is my PB for Tonks, makes me obnoxious as all fuck happyhappy. But one thing I never got with Heroes is Peter/Claire. I mean, even before we got the OMGSPOILER I just found it kinda creepy.

So my friends are like "Aw, Peter Claire so cute" and, to be fair, she doesn't know the OMGSPOILER yet, but this is where the above quote came from after the whole "DUDE SHE LOOKS TWELVE" "Yeah and totally looks fourty" "BESIDE THE POINT". Because, really, incest between non siblings and non parents is not a problem with me. But my problem with Peter/Claire isn't the incest angle.

Now CLEARLY age range is not meant to be a problem for me, and I doubt Peter and Claire have, Oh, Say, Fourteen years between them, but for some odd reason it creeps the hell out of me. I think, however, it's because Claire's actress is like me: She looks obnoxiously younger than she is. She does look to be thirteen fourteen reguardless of being allegedly 18 in the series, so it makes me go "Oh god no stop why he's like 30something and she looks 12" Actually she's one year younger than me, which makes me wonder if maybe there's just something about our generation where we look freakishly young. (IT'S IN THE CHIKIN)

I leave today :( In three hours, which means likely Candice will not be showing up in the series before I leave which means there will be no rampant screaming and groping my friends in joy. Damn.

Also? No photoshootness. Why? Because GENIUS kept freaking out over the RPG and crawling back to her Laptop every. Three. Seconds.

That's the other thing. The RPG has taken over my soul.

To the point that more than once I came very near to having needed to be physically dragged away from my laptop.

No. Really.

And that makes me happy.

So between that and hanging out and having Deep Talks(c) with friends, ehich I really appreciated. I got to talk about politics and things and reminded one of the reasons I adore these people so much, they're just very with it and so aware of their surroundings it's impossible to believe they've never left this country (Well, Canada, but.) But I got to talkk about last year, this year, come clean about some things. It was comforting to see they kinda knew it all already and they picked up on it a bit. I don't think I can ever really get fully over what I put them through, but knowing they understand and that they still want to be friends does mean the world to me.

I never really got a chance to go to the shoot.

It makes me sad because I really do think I would have made a good kid!Tonks. And considering how paranoid I've been about every costume to date, that just made me happy. This time there was no 'I'm not asian' no 'I don't have big enough boobs.' I'm skinny and 5"0 and can't keep a straight face for more than five seconds, and for the first time I could have actually looked age appropriate and used being flat chested and young looking to an advantage. And it was Harry Potter and not cosplay, so I could have done it and actually not only had fun but not seen any drama come off it.

Oh well.
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