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Dude, what the fuck people.

I´m in Brasil right now (got here about last week or before, will be here until the end of the month) and all we´re getting on the news is ´HOLY SHIT MASSIVE SNOWSTORM AMERICANS DEAD´

Is everyone okay??
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Okay, so maybe that was kind of a bad idea to just drop the whole "so I found my moms dog mutilated and beheaded" thing and leave it at that. I do appreciate the IM's everyone, but I'm doing better. I'm okay, as for what happened, here's what I have.

Most of this was written in a mixture of the day after it all happened and scattered through the past weeks, so it's really rambly, and I apologize for it not being in better order, but I just really don't have the head to rewrite it.

Collapse )

So that's basically what happened on that account.

The latest development is that she found a blind, 9 year old chihuahua in a nearby rescue she's got her eyes on. I don't think it will pan into anything since we're off to Brasil in 2 or so weeks, but whatever keeps her mind off him.
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Hey, I just want to apologize to all the comments and emails I got a while back that I didn't respond to on some comms.

My mom's dog, some of you know him as Max, others know him as I called him, RatDog, went missing.

Well, we found him.

Basically, I found him mutilated and decapitated. It wasn't a pretty sight, and I'd had this whole post explaining what had happened planned, but honestly, I'm all talked out about it. So we'll just leave it at that for now. We don't know what killed him in specific, and quite frankly, I'm tired of theorizing or else it's going to drive me even more insane than it already had.

My mom didn't take to it well, and to some extent, neither did I. There was a lot of freaking out, and even surprisingly some on my own part. Things are up and down around here as my mom is still not fully recovered, I, however, am doing a bit better since my mom dragged me off to her therapist yesterday to kind of vent. I'd been needing to talk about it since I was the one to find him, but now that I did I don't really want to anymore.

Anyway,Looks like I won't be making it to AUSA. I just don't feel right leaving my mom alone for a weekend. Paul, I've been trying to catch you online about this, but I keep missing you because I'm asleep when you're on!! I still don't know, but to err on the side of caution, I'm leaning towards no. Especially since I'd have to leave tomorrow.

Otherwise, I've generally been on and off on LJ reguardless, mostly because I was kinda getting my fandom fix on GJ with RPG's. But the one I was in I left due to inactivity, but it was fun as hell while it lasted. However, I also couldn't find a new one to join, so I'm likely back here for fandom fixes and whatnot. SO yeah, expect that obnoxious parade of over posting and over commenting again XD

And that's the past few months in summary, brought to you by inordinate amounts of caffeine.

Edit: Damn, I also realize my last entry was *September*. Holyshi
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I love how all the Harry Potter stuff was making me sad (shut up) so I logged on to my old cosplay account for a change of pace and what do I get?

Harry Potter Cosplay Drama


Never change, cosplayers. Never change.

So I am officially fandom-less. And I just can't think of anything. There are a couple of anime I need to look up but.. Bah, anime. Any reccomendations? Books? TV Series? At all? Bueller?

Things that get me in a fandom:

- Characters with inner demons, the more literal that is, the better (Angel-Angelus from Buffy is an example)

- Impossible/ Not Meant To Be romances. The more twisted, the better. The more drawn out, the better.

- Conflict. Conflictconflictconflict. Conflict? Conflict.

After Doctor/Rose and Remus/Tonks I'm ready for a Happy Ending ifyouplz.
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Page 514.

And now, I'm going to watch Pan's Labyrinth.
After that, I'll watch Doomsday on Doctor Who.

Then, I'm going to the vet's office and seeing if they have any terminally ill kittens.

Because, a soul? Who needs it? Might as well CRUSH IT FULLY IN ONE GO.

Oh, come on JKR. Come on.
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ISA! Shit at work has REALLY started picking up in preparation for Pottercon PA and I may not be able to get your Ravenclaw Robes done in time. I've got the main bodice down, but I don't know how much time I'll have to work on the sleeves and hood. On that note, looks like I might not be able to go as Tonks for Pottercon :( The only way I can switch shifts is if I go to work that day and leave around 2, so I'll have to go from work straight to the train station and won't have time to pick my shit up.

On a lighter note, Julia got back last night <3 So today we're going to go to this place called Bushkill Falls, which are these rapids in the Pocanos. Should be cool! Just so long as I don't have an accident like when she took me snowboarding. My girlfriend is out to get me, I'm tellin' ya.
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PEOPLE GOING TO WATCH ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: I demand a full and in depth summary of Natalia Tena's every on screen appearance. FULL AND IN DEPTH. If they show when she fights Bella in the Ministry? You had SO better gimme visuals.

..Why am I such a wuss?

Also, yeah, yeah, I know I'm going to get picked on for being a youngin' on this, but Oh Dear God. I just saw the music video for Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart has to be the most disturbing. Thing. I have seen. In my. Entire. Life.


Seriously. You people need to check this out:
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(ISA! Do you still want me to make the Ravenclaw Robes for you?)

RPGstuffs: OHSHISON, from _every angle_. Oh yesplz. I'm down to the one RPG at this point, but it makes me happy. Joining one more in September. Musyc, we need to figure out what we're doing for the Draco-MLE fiasco before Tonks gets fired and goes hobo. I haven't been able to catch Claire online and ask about how much time Tonks has left in MLE.

Non RPG stuffs: I'm kinda bored for costumes now. I'm remaking the lavender nightgown to be more fabric accurate. God I'm going to need something to doooo.

Julia is out of town so I'm all girlfriend-withdrawl. Which makes me sad. And utterly, inhumanly bored. Even here at work things are just DULL.

I feel like trying to re-watch House. Maybe this time I'll do so without psycho ex girlfriend flashbacks. (TRUFAX: Every girlfriend save for one I've had up to this point have been yaoi fangirls. Not slash fans, yaoi fangirls. These odds baffle me. I adore Julia, but I refuse to come within three feet of Kingdom Hearts at this point.)
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Paire AWOMGSOCUTE? Don't think so.

My thoughts on Peter/Claire:

"You're freaking out the Blackcest fan, cut it out."

So we've been marathoning Heroes. Which, considering Candice is my PB for Tonks, makes me obnoxious as all fuck happyhappy. But one thing I never got with Heroes is Peter/Claire. I mean, even before we got the OMGSPOILER I just found it kinda creepy.

So my friends are like "Aw, Peter Claire so cute" and, to be fair, she doesn't know the OMGSPOILER yet, but this is where the above quote came from after the whole "DUDE SHE LOOKS TWELVE" "Yeah and totally looks fourty" "BESIDE THE POINT". Because, really, incest between non siblings and non parents is not a problem with me. But my problem with Peter/Claire isn't the incest angle.

Now CLEARLY age range is not meant to be a problem for me, and I doubt Peter and Claire have, Oh, Say, Fourteen years between them, but for some odd reason it creeps the hell out of me. I think, however, it's because Claire's actress is like me: She looks obnoxiously younger than she is. She does look to be thirteen fourteen reguardless of being allegedly 18 in the series, so it makes me go "Oh god no stop why he's like 30something and she looks 12" Actually she's one year younger than me, which makes me wonder if maybe there's just something about our generation where we look freakishly young. (IT'S IN THE CHIKIN)

I leave today :( In three hours, which means likely Candice will not be showing up in the series before I leave which means there will be no rampant screaming and groping my friends in joy. Damn.

Also? No photoshootness. Why? Because GENIUS kept freaking out over the RPG and crawling back to her Laptop every. Three. Seconds.

That's the other thing. The RPG has taken over my soul.

To the point that more than once I came very near to having needed to be physically dragged away from my laptop.

No. Really.

And that makes me happy.

So between that and hanging out and having Deep Talks(c) with friends, ehich I really appreciated. I got to talk about politics and things and reminded one of the reasons I adore these people so much, they're just very with it and so aware of their surroundings it's impossible to believe they've never left this country (Well, Canada, but.) But I got to talkk about last year, this year, come clean about some things. It was comforting to see they kinda knew it all already and they picked up on it a bit. I don't think I can ever really get fully over what I put them through, but knowing they understand and that they still want to be friends does mean the world to me.

I never really got a chance to go to the shoot.

It makes me sad because I really do think I would have made a good kid!Tonks. And considering how paranoid I've been about every costume to date, that just made me happy. This time there was no 'I'm not asian' no 'I don't have big enough boobs.' I'm skinny and 5"0 and can't keep a straight face for more than five seconds, and for the first time I could have actually looked age appropriate and used being flat chested and young looking to an advantage. And it was Harry Potter and not cosplay, so I could have done it and actually not only had fun but not seen any drama come off it.

Oh well.